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Diamond Certifications and Guarantee

Diamonds with certifications and guarantee


Every certified diamond is accompanied by internationally recognized certificates and valid internationally, such as the GIA from the Gemological Institute of America or the HRD from Hooge Raad voor Diamant of Antwerp, which attests to the high quality of Salvadori diamonds. A unique personal identification number is assigned to them.


In addition to the certification of the most popular and reliable Gemmological Institutes in the world (GIA and HRD), your jewellery will be accompanied by Salvadori Warranty of gemmologists Marzia and Monica Pendini, as graduates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Each Salvadori jewel comes with support for life. Polishing and controlling the embedding of stones, your precious jewel will shine again like the first day you wore it.

The Salvadori diamond

…It is here, that anyone who is in love, coming from anywhere in the world … stops to dream, and to celebrate real love with a diamond… But just imagine the long journey that the “Salvadori Diamond” has to make, before it can shine, “as the most talented seducer” in the shop windows…

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