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Hockey Club Venezia sports Association

Salvadori warmly supports the Hockey Club Venezia Sports Association and its figure skating team. A team that is lucky enough to be able to perform at the Quattro Fontane skating rink, a wonderful setting with a view of the Lido which, as we at Salvadori know well, combines art and lifts body and mind.

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Exhibition “Tintoretto alla Salute”

Venezia Football Club

The strong bond that Salvadori has with the city could not exclude another old Italian passion. It is a passion that has been beating in the hearts of Venetians for more than a century: the Venezia Football Club, founded on December 14th, 1907. Before inaugurating the St. Helena sports field in 1913, the players, whose names include the likes of Guido Battisti, David Fano, Aldo Federici, the first club President, and many more, used to play in St. Helena pine forest, redrawing the field lines by hand from time to time. They played against Padua and Vicenza or against teams from boats arriving into the port of Venice. How many extraordinary emotions must these athletes have felt playing with this magical city in the backdrop. The isola di San Servolo and the isola degli Armeni Armenians were right in front of them. Maybe, after the game, they would jump into the lagoon all together, united, both in victory and in defeat, by a sporting spirit full of values and moral principles…

During the years of war, the sports field was used as a military base and between 1926-27, the stadium expanded its capacity from five hundred to ten thousand spectators.

The company name changed several times over the years. From Società Sportiva Serenissima in 1930 to the Fascist Football Association in 1934 and from Calcio Venezia in 1983 to Soccer Venezia Mestre in 1987. It’s name constantly changed and finally became the current Venezia Football Club.

The Venice football team, in over a hundred years of history, has experienced moments of glory, has been through difficult periods and has risen and fallen like the city’s tides. Having played in series A, B, and C, it now has the influence and enthusiasm of new York President Joe Tacopina and has been able to recover, with a succession of victories. This has filled the hearts of the fans with new hopes and goals to reach, because football, above all, is an emotion.

And it is with this feeling that Salvadori decided to sponsor, from 2015 to 2017, Venice Football Club and get the VFC Membership Card.

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