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Salvadori historical jewellery shop was established in 1857 in Venice in the prestigious Saint Mark’s haberdashery, and, in 2015, it moved to 67 Saint Mark’s Square under the new procuratie. It is here, that any lover, coming from anywhere in the world … stops to dream, and to celebrate real love with a diamond.

Salvadori, a member of the most important international Diamond Bourses (Tel Aviv, Antwerp), is constantly buying high quality diamonds of one or two hundredths to more than ten carats. Every stone has international certificates such as the HRD (Raad voor dell’Hooge Diamond in Antwerp) and the GIA (the Gemological Institute of America in New York). For the purchase of high-quality and high carat sapphires and rubies he travels to Thailand and for emeralds to Colombia, where the most important mines in the world are found; Muzo, Chivor and Cosquez.

Each piece of jewellery is then designed, created, produced, like a real miniature work of art.

And it is from this art that each piece of jewellery comes to life… Like the Ducal collection, which draws inspiration from the tunnels of the quatrefoil arches of the Doge’s Palace, the Ca’ d’Oro collection, that reinterprets the play of solids and voids of the loggia on the second floor of this ancient Gothic palace, or the Dòlfin collection, which is an artistic interpretation iron bow of one of the most typical Venetian boats; the Gondola.

For the opening of the new store, ‘Salvadori Diamond Atelier’, l’Abbraccio Salvadori was made by designer Marzia Pendini, creator of all Salvadori pieces of jewellery. A bracelet in platinum and diamonds or in pink gold and brilliants, with an interchangeable black or peach-coloured leather strap. L’Abbraccio Salvadori intertwines the past, the present and the future, with an ancient skill, a timeless elegance and an innovative combination.

Behind Salvadori jewellery, there is always a journey, an experience, an emotion … because this is how these creations come to life, combined with the undisputed professionalism with the ephemeral fantasy…

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