…It is here, that anyone who is in love, coming from anywhere in the world … stops to dream, and to celebrate real love with a diamond… But just imagine the long journey that the “Salvadori Diamond” has to make, before it can shine, “as the most talented seducer” in the shop windows…

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A bright story

The journey begins in Anversa, in the Diamond Square District, a maximum security complex that extends over 3 square kilometers. This is where more than 75% of the world’s rough diamond production and about 60% of the worked diamonds arrive. There are many steps from mine to jewellery store.

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Classification of 4 C

For the classification of diamonds it was necessary to find a method that is recognized and valid worldwide in order to give an accurate market value to every single stone.

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Fantasy colour diamonds

The identification of the colour in the diamond goes from D to Z. Exactly the opposite happens in fantasy coloured diamonds; their value grows with the strength and intensity of colour from Z onwards.

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Diamond Certifications and Guarantee

Diamonds with certifications and guarantee

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