Where does a collection come from?

For Salvadori, creating jewellery is not a job. It is a passion. It is not a duty. There can be no dates or deadlines. Our jewellery may be inspired by a view of the ocean, a pencil, a leaf, or an umbrella. The mind wanders, eyes scan the horizon, and the Vela Collection is born. Or, on a rainy day, that light, refreshing drizzle that we see only on summer days. When standing under the raindrops imbues a sense of peace and serenity, and you seem to hear the notes of a piano. Like a sketch on a piece of paper, the Pioggia d’Estate Collection begins to take shape. Creating jewellery with precious stones and diamonds cannot be improvised. All too often, pieces of jewellery are created that are not fit for their purpose. But this is not the case for Salvadori’s designers. From the moment the pencil touches the paper, the form of each piece of jewellery is created specifically to be worn. You cannot adapt another form designed for other purposes. This is why Salvadori’s jewellery cannot remain locked up in a box, or displayed in a glass case. All of Salvadori’s jewellery must be worn, because every curve, every line, is designed to enhance the beauty of women.

A piece of jewellery created by Salvadori is attractive, sensual and elegant. It is designed solely for one purpose: to convey its value by enhancing the glamour of whomever wear it.

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Il Sogno

“Il Sogno” (the Dream) collection is inspired by the founder of Salvadori Diamond Atelier, Gabriele Pendini.

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The “Sospiri” (Sighs) Collection is dedicated to the romantic Venetian bridge of the same name that connects the Doge’s Palace to the Prisons.

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Rosa Moceniga

The Rosa Moceniga Collection is inspired by the flower of the same name, an ancient rose, which arrived centuries ago in Europe from Central China, and that today grows wild in the Venetian countryside.

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The Nettuno collection is inspired by the great travellers of all time who, crossing the seas and oceans, discovered new worlds and changed the course of history.

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The collection is inspired by this special feature that makes each woman shine with a light as precious as the piece of jewellery she wears.

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The Geometrie collection brings together great names in the history of art and architecture and the beauty of quality and handcrafted precision, to create a union between art and rationality that comes to life in precious and fine pieces of jewellery.

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The Abbraccio Collection was created to celebrate the opening of the new “Salvadori Diamond Atelier” Boutique.

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The light reflected on the waters of the Venetian lagoon makes its islands shine like precious stones on a velvet cloth. Each island is a small place of peace and beauty that contains secrets and mysteries revealed by our Lagune collection.

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Palazzo Ducale is a symbol of eternal beauty, ancient power and magnificence. The Ducale collection finds its essence in the details that make this place unique and captivating.

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Ca' D'oro

Venice and its history are within anyone’s reach, just think of the many palazzos that look out over Venice’s main street: the Grand Canal.

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