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Atelier | From story to history

“The more you can look back, the more you will be able to see later”

– Winston Churchill –

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These are the better words to convey to our customers the importance of our past and solid foundation, on which Salvadori has built a company which abides by its principles and values, and which looks to the future with a growing awareness, strong due to the link it has with its past.

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Thanks to the person who make it up, a company reaches an entity, made of emotions, passion, sacrifice and goals… We are sons and daughters of our past and parents of our future… It is with a bit of emotion that we want to share with you the story of this family company, which over the years has become synonymous with trust and exclusivity. We are proud to introduce you our history … Salvadori S.p.A.

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We are pleased to introduce our story… La Salvadori S.p.A. 1857, in Venice. It is a magical city shrouded in mystery, and which escapes reality to hide itself among its dark canals, among the many Istrian stone bridges and the ancient buildings, silent witnesses of centuries of history. It is here, with the far away smells of spices from the orient, a place of exchange and of forest people, in the prestigious Saint Mark’s haberdashery, that the first Salvadori shop was founded. It was a corner shop, characterized by large wooden windows.

On the entrance, the phrase, “Happy hours are those to come” was engraved in gold accompanied by an hourglass. It is a phrase which almost makes you think that it was written during the war as a good omen for the years to come. At the time, you could only buy watches in this fascinating shop. Cute little bedside and travel alarm clocks, typical of those years, as well as grandfather clocks and wall clocks. Among these precious timepieces, there were already some of the most famous brands that later became part of Salvadori. Inside the store, a column embellished with a floral capital supported a hand-painted ceiling in 24-karat gold, depicting the gears of watch movements, including charging springs, balance wheels and barrels… Some Rolex advertisements date back to those years, in which the name Salvadori appears among official dealers.  The magnificent advertisements were associated with a slogan or texts in colourful designs.

However, it is only thanks to the passion and in a certain sense also to the vocation for precious stones of Gabriele Pendini, President of the company, that Salvadori becomes a tangible expression of high and sophisticated jewellery. The experience and the uniqueness of his work comes from the fact that he has always gone to place where the precious stones are purchased. For example, he goes to Colombia, specifically to Muzo, Chivor and Cosquez, to buy emeralds. This is where the most important mines in the world are. Instead, he goes to Thailand for high quality rubies and sapphires

Gabriele Pendini is a member of the most important world Diamond Bourses, Antwerp and Tel Aviv, and this allows him to buy or sell diamonds freely. In the Diamond Bourses, trading occurs “on demand” due to non-uniformity of the goods handled. In fact, diamonds are always physically present so that they can be examined during the negotiations which ends even for very high figures, with a simple handshake and the word “Mazal”. This word, which from Hebrew means “good luck”, is the formula used by everyone, regardless of religion. The rules for being admitted as a member of the Bourse vary from each other. However, they all have as a common basis a great rigidity for the requirements of commercial integrity and professional knowledge. Diamonds are traded based on trust; whoever does not respect their word is out forever in the whole world.

Gabriele Pendini often travels during the year, together with his wife and daughters, to select each diamond from one to two hundredths to up to ten or more carats.

After the very strict selection and purchasing of the precious stones, the long manufacturing process begins, with the aim of bringing the finished jewel to shine in the shop window. Initially his wife Carla was in charge of creating all of Salvadori jewellery. For her it was important to enhance the beauty of their precious stones that were of such high quality.

Diamonds of all shapes like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, Australian, Tahitian or Japanese pearls and corals were the soul of Salvadori jewellery. In the past yellow gold, geometric shapes, animal figures and coloured stones were preferred. The history of the Salvadori jewellery passed through the 70s, the innovative 80s and the 90s, reflecting the taste of each era, of a historical period, while remaining immortal in their elegance and use.

Nowadays, the entire production of the Salvadori Jewellery is carried out by designer Marzia Pendini. Since 2000, she has started to enrich the collection with new and original collections, such as the Metamorphosis Collection. This collection includes pieces of jewellery that can be transformed and therefore allows the customer to have multiple objects in one. Over the years, Salvadori has gone from using yellow gold to white gold, of the best quality alloyed with palladium, to pink gold. However, nowadays, most of the production is made in platinum, the only material worthy of holding important stones because it is pure. It is rarer than gold and remains unchanged over time having a natural white brilliance. The factor which led Salvadori to choose a production that prefers platinum is the high technical skill required to create a piece of jewellery. It allows for exclusivity and skill in execution. Salvadori has increasingly specialized in diamonds, becoming a Diamond Atelier in which pieces of jewellery, starting from the design are hand crafted to adorn the modern woman perfectly. A dynamic, independent and passionate woman. The historic shop then moved to the most beautiful square in the world, St Mark’s Square. Over time, it has expanded with three shops close to each other in St Mark’s and one in Vicenza.

The company’s values have been passed down from generation to generation, and today, the daughters Marzia and Monica complement one another in their work. On the one hand, the creativity of the artistic director Marzia Pendini, on the other hand the competence and professionalism of the Commercial Director Monica Pendini, graduated in oriental languages and civilizations. Thanks to her studies and kindness, she manages to overcome distance and make customers who live halfway around the world feel at home. She establishes relationships and ties with what Salvadori values most: its customers.


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