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Salvadori Diamond Atelier celebrates 1600 years of Venice
20 May 2021

This year we celebrate the 1600 years of history of the city of Venice, whose birth is usually traced back to 25 March 421. For the occasion, the lagoon city has decided to celebrate itself by preparing a program of events and events organized and promoted by local bodies and institutions: exhibitions, museum and city […]

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Collezione Ventaglio Margot
Ventaglio Margot Collection, the new collection dedicated to music
20 May 2021

The Ventaglio Margot collection was born from a memory of the designer Marzia Pendini, and is inspired by a woman of other times, Mrs. Margot, musician and her piano teacher. The pianist used to carry with her a fan, synonymous with charm and mystery, and this collection aims to tell its elegance through it. The […]

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Salvadori’s social commitment: a project to support Kenya
29 January 2021

In addition to the project in support of Italy for the Covid emergency, we have chosen to embrace another project in collaboration with Actionaid. This time moving to Kenya. The project aims to improve food and nutrition security for 10 pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities in Isiolo County, comprised mainly of women and other vulnerable groups. […]

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Salvadori’s social commitment: Covid project to support Italy
29 January 2021

For several years now, part of the proceeds from the sale of Salvadori jewellery has been used to support humanitarian projects in collaboration with Actionaid, an international non-governmental organisation that fights alongside the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities. The current health emergency is exacerbating inequalities and exposing more vulnerable people to higher health, economic […]

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Tennis Bracelet: perfect for all occasions
30 December 2020

A perfect gift for any special occasion: from birthdays to anniversaries, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, etc. This piece of jewellery goes perfectly with any elegant outfit, for both men and women. The tennis bracelet was originally called the Eternity Bracelet because it is characterised by an unbroken row of diamonds set in a frame, […]

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Happy Holidays by Salvadori Diamond Atelier
24 December 2020

It is a Christmas with a different flavor from all the others, a moment to spend dreaming of the people and places we will reach as soon as it is possible to travel and hug our loved ones again. We are sure that the outings will return, the aperitifs to share with friends will return […]

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The 4 Cs of diamonds: Cut
23 November 2020

The last but also the most important parameter that is part of the 4C classification examines the cut. Term not to be confused with the form! The most common shape is the brilliant cut, which with 57 facets allows the light to reflect completely giving the stone the maximum brilliance, followed by the oval, teardrop, […]

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The 4 Cs of a diamond: Carat
10 November 2020

The best known parameter in the 4 Cs classification is certainly the carat, which is the unit of measurement used to describe the weight of a diamond. Where does the word originate? The word Carat is derived from the Greek “keràtion”, meaning “fruit of the carob tree” because each carob seed had a uniform weight […]

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The 4 Cs of diamonds: Colour
15 October 2020

The most internationally recognised standard for the classification of a diamond is called the 4 Cs: Colour, Clarity Grade, Carat, Cut. Today we will look at one of the 4 most famous classifications, colour. In nature, most colourless diamonds have a slight yellow tint. The colour grading scale refers to the natural colour ranging from […]

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The 4 Cs of diamonds: Clarity Grade
12 October 2020

We have already talked about the 4 Cs: Colour, Clarity Grade, Carat, Cut. Today we will look at the Clarity Grade, which measures the purity or clarity of a diamond. Diamonds have internal features of purity that form during its long and natural process of creation. These characteristics of purity can influence the value of […]

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How to choose earrings according to your haircut
12 September 2020

We women know it well: earrings must also be combined! There are shapes that stand out our face and shapes that do not give us their own. Let’s see together what are the recommended combinations based on the haircut. Long hair: Super recommended elongated shapes that stand out in long hair, so yes to large […]

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Fancy Color Diamonds
3 September 2020

Large stones with vivid colors are extremely rare, in fact only one diamond out of ten thousand has a Fancy Color! But what do they owe this beautiful color to? The colored diamond owes its color to atoms dispersed in the chemical structure of carbon, such as: nitrogen which creates the yellow color, boron creates […]

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