Sole di Cambogia (Sun of Cambodia), the new jewellery piece by Salvadori created for Actionaid!

26 2月 2018

The giving nature of a little Cambodian girl inspired the “Sole di Cambogia” jewellery piece created by Salvadori Diamond Atelier to support Actionaid.

Salvadori’s social responsibility and its commitment to protecting human rights and upholding principles of solidarity has led to its collaboration with Actionaid, an international non-governmental organisation that combats poverty by working with the most marginalised people and communities through long-term development programmes.

The idea for the “Sole di Cambogia” jewel was born as part of a project aimed at improving health conditions and educational levels of children in six schools located in the Cambodian provinces of Koh Kong and Kampot.

In fact, this piece is modelled on a small yellow flower given to the Salvadori designer, Marzia Pendini, by a Cambodian girl during a trip where the designer participated actively in the realisation of a cooperation program.

The “Sole di Cambogia” is made entirely by hand in 750/000 yellow gold, with a pistil formed by yellow sapphire. It is a warm ray of sunshine that fills our hearts with love and hope, just like the smiles of faraway children. The jewellery piece is made entirely by hand in yellow gold.

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