Taj Mahal, a collection of love

2 10月 2016

Every journey brings with it a memory. The Collezione Taj Mahal carries within itself the oriental shapes and colours of this temple, a symbol of love.

Salvadori’s designer, Marzia Pendini, has captured the emotions of India, a land full of mystery and represented by the majestic mausoleum, the Taj Mahal. She incorporated them in her sketches and brought them to life in a collection that unleashes the power of love and light of life.

The Taj Mahal ring, two hearts that almost meet in an embrace, has about one hundred diamonds, totalling half a carat. The necklace is in white gold with 132 diamonds of 0.67 carat each. Three hearts. Three, the number of love.

The Taj Mahal pendent is available in a single or double version. The double version has 108 diamonds of 0.70 carat each.

The bracelet is a graceful alternation of diamonds and hearts. A story that unfolds in the harmonious paths of the curves and stones. The purity of light gives off a glow that relives in the past and in the future.

For the Taj Mahal Collection, the designer Marzia Pendini, offers two types of earrings: one heart and two hearts. An explosion of light and diamonds tell the story of a journey of love.

Show your love, discover the Taj Mahal collection.


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