Il Sogno

“Il Sogno” (the Dream) collection is inspired by the founder of Salvadori Diamond Atelier, Gabriele Pendini.

His love and passion for this work inspired us to create a collection of unique rings, pendants, and earrings where the diamond is the only true protagonist. An element that has always been present in all the jewellery pieces is the “S” with the double meaning of Sogno (Dream) and Salvadori, a detail that makes this collection unique and that revolutionises a classic in the art of jewellery-making. This Collection was created to remind us to live life with the same intensity as our dreams and to never stop wanting to make them come true.

Supported by very thin “S” shaped claws, it is made of platinum, the rarest and most precious of all materials. A classic jewellery piece of timeless elegance that is protected by copyright due to the unique and original hidden design. Each diamond is accompanied by GIA and HRD certificates. Salvadori Diamond Atelier. A diamond. A Dream.

A Dream for Salvadori, who donates part of the proceeds from the sale of this Collection to the Italian Association against Leukaemia-Lymphoma and Myeloma (AIL) of Venice.