Eos Pendant with Fancy Diamond

Collection Fancy

Removable central heart, made of white and yellow gold, with a 2.76 carat central Fancy diamond, embellished with 136 diamonds for 3.51 carats. It stays on an enchanting white gold choker with 64 heart-cut diamonds for 12.94 carats and 168 brilliants for 1.99 carats.

Salvadori pieces of jewellery are exclusive creations that are born from the creativity of the designer Marzia Pendini. For this reason we invite you to discover all our collections in one of our Stores.


Type: Diamante
Number of stones: 1
Cut: Heart
Carats: 2.76
Colour: FANCY


Material: Yellow gold, White gold
Gem: Diamante
Number of stones: 136
Cut: Brilliant cut
Total carats: 3.51
Colour: F
Clarity: PURE

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“Life is but the continuous wonder of existing.”

- Rabindranath Tagore -

A light of infinite and unparalleled beauty, comparable only to the light emanated by ancient mythological deities from which each piece of jewellery takes its name. The Fancy collection was created to amaze, to leave the wearer speechless and to give them the light and radiance that only a single and extremely precious diamond can give.