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Diamonds | The Salvadori diamond

…It is here, that anyone who is in love, coming from anywhere in the world … stops to dream, and to celebrate real love with a diamond… But just imagine the long journey that the “Salvadori Diamond” has to make, before it can shine, “as the most talented seducer” in the shop windows…

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The journey begins in Antwerp, in the Diamond Square Mile District, a maximum security complex that stretches for more than 3 sqkm. More than 75% of the world production of rough diamonds and 60% of worked diamonds arrive here. From the mine to the jewellery, there are many stages. In Antwerp, only diamonds with the Kimberley Process certification are permitted, ensuring their legal origin. The Diamond Bourse has always been in the hands of orthodox Jews. Now it is also run by Indians, and the Flemish and the Russians are the latest arrivals.

The rules to be admitted as members of the Diamonds Bourses are rigid and selective. The principle on which they are based is commercial integrity and professional knowledge. Three other members must put you forward who in turn guarantee the moral ethics of the future partner. Afterwards an exam of the commission put together by two other members has to be passed. However, the request can also be rejected without any reasons. Disputes between members are resolved by another council with two sets of proceedings. The final decision is accepted and endorsed by the Belgian court too. Operators who break the rules are out for good across the whole the world. Whoever doesn’t pay or pays late, is suspended from the right to access to the Bourse and a relative photo is made visible in all of Diamond Bourses: Antwerp, Tel Aviv and New York.

With these words do nothing more than to show Gabriele Pendini’s professionalism and morality. He is the President of Salvadori S.p.A, and partner of the most important international Diamond Bourses, Antwerp and Tel Aviv.


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