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Fancy Color Diamonds

3 September 2020

Large stones with vivid colors are extremely rare, in fact only one diamond out of ten thousand has a Fancy Color!

But what do they owe this beautiful color to?
The colored diamond owes its color to atoms dispersed in the chemical structure of carbon, such as: nitrogen which creates the yellow color, boron creates the blue color and iron which oxidizes, gives an unusual hue to the diamond.

Without these substances, the diamond is transparent.

Do you know what the value of these diamonds is, in addition to their indisputable beauty? A rare diamond is bound to increase in value over time!

As for the cost of these diamonds, the world price list is not followed, but each individual diamond is evaluated based on its properties and characteristics.

This type of diamonds is very much desired and in fact the demand from customers increases from year to year.

In the fancy Color the inclusions are overshadowed and the diamonds are cut to maximize the light output. The best cut is the one that gives the most attractive face up color.

Fancy Diamonds are classified in ascending order of color intensity: light, fancy, intense, vivid and deep. The last two are those of higher economic value.

Our Atelier offers the beautiful Fancy collection, which you can view here.


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