Venice: the city of love

1 August 2020

It’s easy to fall in love and be amazed when you walk through the streets of this wonderful city.

Architectural details, corners of hidden beauty, symbols and traditions have inspired the design of the collections created to celebrate Venice. This is where our Venetian Collections come from.

Ducal Palace
Always a majestic symbol of eternal beauty, a place of meeting and exchange in one of the most beautiful squares in the world overlooking the sea.
The Ducal Collection is born from the play of light and voids of Palazzo Ducale. The shapes of the jewels find their essence in the details that make this place unique and enchanted. The play of light and voids echoes the openwork of the quadrilobed arches of the loggia and the architectural motif of the Porta della Carta, the majestic entrance door to the Doge’s palace.

The Bridge of Sighs
One of the most famous symbols of Venice that connects the Doge’s Palace to the Prisons. Tradition has it that the prisoners crossing it sighed at the prospect of seeing the outside world for the last time.
The collection of the same name, designed by our designer, has taken the structure of the windows of this jewel of Baroque architecture to bring it back into refined jewels. Unique and refined interweaving geometries that intersect to form openwork in white and pink gold interspersed with diamonds.

From the Venetian Ferro di Prua ‘, it is an artistic interpretation of one of the most typical Venetian boats: the Gondola.
The Dòlfin collection wants to evoke the sensation of the slow and placid proceeding among the lagoon waters. Each jewel is embellished with a diamond setting that recalls the shape of the sea waves.

Ca’ d’Oro
One of the most famous palaces in Venice, whose name derives from the fact that some parts of the facade were originally covered with gold. The beautiful collection dedicated to this Venetian symbol is inspired by and reinterprets the play of solids and voids of one of the openings in the loggia on the second floor of the ancient Gothic building.

What is a bricola? It is a symbol that embodies value and tradition. It was born from the Venetian summer life when, in the first heat, you take the boat and run between the canals to go and eat fish in the various islands of the lagoon.
Each channel is outlined by Bricole formed by three paine enclosed by two iron wires, where seagulls often rest. Bricola Collection enhances and contains the sunsets in the lagoon and those moments spent with loved ones.

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