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Sospiri, the new collection that takes your breath away

17 January 2020

The Bridge of Sighs is one of Venice’s most iconic landmarks and a must-do for lovers all over the world.

Although it is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, the name of this bridge does not refer to the yearning for love, but rather the yearning for freedom.

From the very first years of the 1600s, the Bridge of Sighs connected the chambers of the magistrates inside the Doge’s Palace to the old Piombi and Pozzi prisons of Venice.

The Doge Marino Grimani commissioned the architect Antonio Contin to build this enclosed bridge. Made using Istrian stones, known as microcrystalline limestone, particularly resistant to erosion caused by salt, the Bridge of Sighs was built according to the Baroque style. Its windows  are made with games of intertwining patterns and shapes, which allow the light to enter and illuminate the corridor. Outside, gentle volutes dominate the roof of the bridge, while the goddess Justice stands out in the centre, protecting the coat-of-arms of the Doge Grimani.

Where does it get its name?

According to popular tradition, the English poet, Lord Byron, gave this bridge its name. He suggested that the condemned prisoners crossing the bridge would sigh at the idea of seeing their beautiful city for the last time and of their lost freedom.

After the closure of the prisons at the beginning of the 20th century, the Bridge of Sighs has become a symbol of love and romance, probably because it is an obligatory stop of the traditional gondola ride, and  because of its unique and unrepeatable setting.

The Sospiri collection by Salvadori

The Sospiri collection was designed and created by designer Marzia Pendini, who was inspired by the history of the bridge and fascinated by the structure of the small windows: unique and refined intertwining geometries that led to the creation of this beautiful and elegant collection.

The Baroque style reflected in the pattern of the jewellery gives the rings, earrings and pendants an apparently geometric and angular shape that, internally, is extremely soft and harmonious.

All the jewellery pieces are made of white or pink gold and are each set with 5 diamonds that mark the junction points of the intertwining design.


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