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Let yourself be carried away by our Vela (Sail)

26 August 2019

At Salvadori, we believe in dreams and in the beauty that goes into making them come true.

That’s why we have created sparkling jewellery pieces that capture the distinctive shape of sails, a romantic and universal symbol of freedom.

The Vela collection comes from an emotion experienced personally by the designer Marzia Pendini.

While sitting on a sandy white beach in Sardinia, admiring the sea in all its simplicity and immensity, she saw the image of a boat on the horizon. She immediately thought about the strength of its sails and how they single-handedly lead the boat beyond the rational border between heaven and earth, leaving it free to determine its own destiny.

From this emotion a collection was born that conveys the tenacity and perseverance that every man and woman feels when they courageously face obstacles, taking advantage of every gust of wind to achieve their dream and savour the true feeling of happiness.

The Vela jewellery collection is made of white gold and depicts two sails. Each piece is embellished by discreet and precious diamonds that accentuate the sinuous features of the sails.

In addition to the pendants, earrings, rings and bracelet, the designer Marzia Pendini also created cuffs for men in three versions: white gold, pink gold and yellow gold.

Discover the collection and let yourself be carried away by the sails of life!


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