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Nettuno Collection

10 October 2018

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

Marcel Proust

Travellers from every era, famous explorers who have travelled the world in search of new lands and new cultures, have always been irresistibly and hypnotically attracted by the bluest depths of the seas and oceans.

From this image, so distant and current, comes the Nettuno Collection dedicated to the Sea God, who not only represents Venice for Salvadori, but also freedom and the only path of knowledge for explorers.

The blue of the ocean is unattainable and inimitable, but nature comes close to capturing its beauty and mysterious depth with the sapphire.

For centuries this ancient stone of rare beauty has been a symbol of divine justice and hope. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that sapphires had magical properties and would change colour if worn by an unfaithful person. This led to men presenting their bride-to-be with a sapphire ring, thus measuring the fidelity of their future bride.

When thinking about creating an exclusive collection dedicated solely to women with a gentle and fearless soul, we wanted to give each jewellery piece a unique name, like that of the Oceanids: the powerful Goddesses of the waters and seas, the daughters of the Titans.


Calipso ring

The beautiful nymph, Calypso, daughter of the Titan, Oceanus, lived alone in the sea and fell in love with all the travellers who passed her island. Ulysses also fell in love with her and spent seven years by her side, until Calypso regretfully decided to let him go after he could no longer bear being separated from his wife Penelope.


Tiche ring

Tyche was the personification of fortune, she was the tutelary deity who governed the prosperity of a city and its destiny. This precious ring is dedicated to women who want to be successful and who are determined to achieve all their goals.


Stige ring

Styx is the most illustrious of the daughters of the Ocean. She was the Goddess of the underworld river Styx, sacred to the Olympian Gods who made their oaths by drinking its water. The river dedicated to Styx is also mentioned by Dante in his Comedy, which consecrates its importance, sacredness and eternal glory over the centuries.


Asia earrings

Asia is the wife of the Titan, Japetus and loving mother of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menetius. These special earrings are dedicated to women who love their family like a boundless ocean.


Idia earrings

The youngest of all the Oceanids. The Idia earrings reflect all the beauty of early youth, with diamonds beautifully showcasing a timeless sense of class, elegance and perfection.


Dedicated to women travellers of our time, the Nettuno collection highlights a beauty that goes beyond the known and makes the wearer shine with mysterious light.


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