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Engagement Rings: between story and tradition

28 June 2018

Each story is unique and unrepeatable, just like the Salvadori rings. So what better way is there to seal a promise of eternal love?


Our rings are unique and unrepeatable, their shape comes from our ideas and our hearts, so each jewellery piece is unique and precious and conveys all our love and that of those who choose it with extreme care to give it to their soul mate.

This precious pledge of love is a gesture that never goes out of fashion and that finds its origins in times long past.

One of the first recorded instances of someone proposing marriage with a diamond ring was thought to be Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg, who proposed to Mary of Burgundy in the late 1400s by giving her a diamond ring as an engagement present.

Its meaning is very similar to that of a wedding band and, in fact, is worn on the ring finger until it is replaced on the day of the wedding.
Wearing an engagement ring therefore means keeping a promise of love, a love that begins even before the eternal vows and that becomes an emblem of belonging between two souls in love.

In fact, the custom of wearing it on the left ring finger originates from a popular belief that the vein in the ring finger (the fourth finger) on the left hand ran directly to the heart: the so-called vena amoris.

When do you give an engagement ring? According to etiquette, this precious gift should be given after 3-5 years of engagement, but there is no real time, except the one determined by the heart.


Make sure this moment is unique and unrepeatable: don’t leave anything to chance.
Take your girlfriend out to dinner on a special date, take a short trip to a romantic location, invite her to take a walk to a place that has a special meaning to the both of you. Take her to a unique city like Venice and let yourself be overwhelmed by the warmth of the sunset and, at the right time, get down on one knee in front of her, take her hand and open the leather box, and say those words that only a man who is madly in love can say “Will you marry me?”.

Her eyes and her smile will be the answer you have been dreaming of and your Salvadori pledge of love will be an enduring seal of a “happily ever after” future.


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