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Il Sogno di Salvadori

1 November 2016

It’s night

It’s dark.

I’m sleeping.

My mind wanders, sometimes carefree, sometimes restless

Between past moments and future aspirations

Hidden desires and deep passions

I’m dreaming.

An intimate moment between me and everything that can still happen.

Is the Dream a desire?

Or a cosy retreat from the cold outside?

Dreams are about life.

The life of a man, full of love, generosity, honesty

Made of achievements, hardships overcome

Difficult times, and life experiences.

For me, this jewellery is Life

A reminder to live it fully every day

With the same intensity of dreams

Because in the end, life is a beautiful, fleeting dream from which we never want to wake

The “Il Sogno” (Dream) collection is dedicated to a great man

Who I was lucky to have as a father

In a beautiful, fleeting Dream.

Dedicated to the founder of Salvadori, Gabriele Pendini.

Marzia Pendini


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